Practice Areas

We provide solutions to small and medium business, defending their interests and decisions at different stages of its management.  We work together with our clients from the creation of the business plan to its development. We give them support and backing in commercial, tax and labor matters.

We have a vast experience in drafting and negotiating contracts related to agribusiness (leases, pastures, crops, etc.) advising our clients in legal, economic, tax and family related characteristics of each business.

We provide advice to our clients in a wide range of real estate businesses, franchises, loans and mandates. We also have a particular experience attending and developing different types of trusts, from their planning to their structuring and execution.

We give judicial and extrajudicial advice to individuals on issues related to family dispute resolution, capacity determinations, separations and divorces. At the same time, we guide and assist in the preparation and drafting of wills, asset and inheritance planning, creation of family trusts, donations of living assets, tax planning, creation and restructuring of family businesses and foundations.

We have broad experience in property recovery, summary proceedings to recover possession of real estate, acquisitive prescriptions, boundary demarcations and improvement of ownership titles and blueprints, dealt in different provinces.

Many families and businesses have entrusted us with the permanent care of their interests as owners of properties on which there were and currently are oil and gas exploitations, or as owners of servient estates in easements for oil and gas pipelines or electroducts. We are really specialized in negotiating with companies doing exploitation and also in the judicial proceedings in the fair claims that have not been adequately addressed.

Recently, we have acquired significant experience in the negotiation and signing of contracts linked to wind farm installations and desalination plants aimed at the production of “green hydrogen”.

We advise local and foreign clients regarding the organization of its wealth and estate through formation and/or administration of both civil and commercial companies, and we provide assistance and representation in all acts of corporate life, both to corporations as to corporate shareholders.

We have an extensive experience in advising and providing legal representation to creditors in credit checks during bankruptcy proceedings, as well as providing advice to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses to prevent and manage crisis situations in order to achieve their asset and financial liabilities reorganization through bankruptcy proceedings and out-of-court agreements.

We have constant practice in civil, commercial and administrative trials in all instances before the local National and Federal Courts and the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Chubut, including the Supreme Court of Justice. At the same time, we have professionals specialized in alternative dispute resolution methods.

We take care of representing our clients by managing the exploitation of their real estate in the country and / or their participation in local companies, optimizing taxation, defending their interests and guaranteeing audits and information on their respective developments, in real time.

We advise and work hand by hand with our local and foreign clients in court and preliminary stages of negotiation and conciliation proceedings, prioritizing alternative dispute resolution. We also have extensive experience in the field of mediation process.